You’ve got me dreaming of a life that anybody else would die for/LEIBSTER & VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARDS

Top – Charity shop, Skirt – Primark, Cardigan – Stolen from my mother’s wardrobe, Collar – Primark, Shoes – Primark

Do you like my top? £2.50 in the charity shop this week! It also came with a skirt but I think I am going to take it up a bit so keep an eye out for a DIY post soon!

In other exciting news I was absolutely thrilled today to be nominated for the Leibster and Versatile Blogger awards – Thank you so much Jade from The Style Blog ! I have only been blogging for what feels like five minutes and to know that people actually like what I am putting out there into the big wide blogosphere is so lovely.  The award itself is so wonderful because the whole idea around it is to bring attention to smaller blogs who have fantastic content but may not be discovered yet! It also means you get to meet other amazing bloggers (and potential friends ;)) and share the love! So I am just so thankful, flattered and grateful, so thank you so so much Jade!

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