Oops I did it again.

I caught the lurgy. A particularly horrible kind which is the reason behind my lack of posts. I have been too sick to even satisfy my Internet addiction (shock horror) and I also haven’t been getting dressed or going out so there hasn’t been anything to post about! However just before I got sick I went shopping (again, whoops).

Earrings £3 from Sainsbury’s.

Skirt £4 from Charity Shop

Shoes £3.50 from Charity Shop

Dress £5 from Charity Shop.

My favourite item is probably the dress. It is vintage and the print is gorgeous, sadly however it looks terrible on me so I will be making quite a few alterations. I do also love my news shoes – what a price! They have been lovingly welcomed to my shoe family and I am sure will be in an outfit post very soon.

I am hoping I will be fully recovered by tomorrow so it will be back to posting as usual.

How are you all doing?


DIY Sunday – Shorts

In my post on Thursday (that you can read here) I mentioned I picked up a few charity shop goodies, including a pair of trousers that I wanted to make into shorts. So today I did just that! Here is what I did and how they turned out…

So first step was to get the trousers and a sharp pair of scissors.

I then just had to be brave, take a deep breath and CUT!

I was just going to turn up the bottoms and leave them but that seemed a bit too boring! I had a hunt around and found some left over lace from a recent project and thought it would look pretty on the bottom. If I had a sewing machine this would have taken two minutes but I had to sew it on by hand. Thankfully I find it quite therapeutic and I did it while watching Homeland (if you don’t watch it you should).

I then added some studs (that I had left over from the DIY studded collar that you can see here) round the pockets for a final touch.

I am pretty pleased with these! Look out for them in an outfit of the day soon!

How has your weekend been?

Like the colours in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all

Today was so miserable; it was wet, windy and dark. I had no desire to get out of bed. I call these days ‘jumper days’, they are the type of days you need a big warm cosy granddad jumper on. This is my new favourite jumper; I picked it up from Oxfam a couple of weeks ago for a fiver. BIG TIP: Look in the men’s section! It is perfectly oversized and so super cosy; I also love the pattern on it.

Little news update from yesterday: I volunteered in the charity shop again and got to use the pricing gun – it was thrilling stuff. Also the lovely man who comes in every day spoke to me for a good hour and it was the best conversation I have had with someone in ages. He told me all about the club he goes to on Mondays (for people with learning disabilities) and how he collects key rings. I have secretly ordered a key ring with his name on it off eBay for a little Christmas present for him… I also am hopefully going to volunteer at the club – I hope I can make him as happy as he makes me!

How has your week been?

P.S. This week was a great week for my sweet tooth. I finally got hold of some oreo chocolate and oh gosh it lives up to the hype. I have consumed far more bars than one girl ever should. Also when I was in my local newsagents what did I spy? NERDS! I did a little dance right in the shop I was so thrilled. I love nerds, they are my favourite sweet and impossible to get hold of so I am a happy happy girl right now (gosh the little things make such a difference).

Bye Bye Birdie

Today was my first day helping out at one of my local charity shops – whoop! It was a really good afternoon despite the torrential rain. I mastered the use of the till and so got to serve some lovely customers, I did a ton of washing up, I also did a few displays and got to talk to the loveliest locals. There is a sweet man who comes in at the same time every day to just sit, have a biscuit and chat to the workers/volunteers. Today he asked me if I liked birds and I just stared blankly at him… It look me far too long to realise he meant my top!

This is the first time I have included my new coat in an outfit of the day post. It is from Matalan and it was only £20 and I love it. It has a lovely silky lining and just feels great on.

Top – Primark, Jeans – American Eagle, Coat – Matalan, Hat – Hand me down, Shoes – Primark

I did a bit of shopping…

I knew this was going to happen and it did! I couldn’t be surrounded by lovely charity shop bargains and not buy something!

I got a gorgeous little blue and yellow flower vase that is now brightening up my windowsill. I also got a gorgeous floral top and some deep purple corduroy trousers. The trousers aren’t very flattering (I don’t think trousers are flattering on me at the best of times anyway as I have such short legs)  and so I am going to make them into shorts. Keep an eye out for a new DIY!

How is your week going?

DIY Sunday – Upcycling!

So I know it’s actually Monday but I couldn’t do the DIY project I had planned for yesterday due to a lack of the right kind of scissors (random but will make sense when I finally do the post!) but today’s is worth waiting for in my humble opinion!

So I had a touch of the ‘Monday blues’ today and so I thought I would do a bit of shopping (whoever said money can’t buy happiness!?)!  I stopped by my local charity shop and saw this lovely wooden box. I have to warn you I have a bit of a thing for trinket boxes and the like (I will probably do a post about them one day…I have an unnecessary amount that I mostly picked up at charity shops!).

Anyway the box was gorgeous and only £1.45. However the top had been bleached by the sun and had a few marks that didn’t want to come out. So I thought I would paint it! I had a nosey round our shed and I found some left over paint from when my dad and brothers painted our Wendy House.  This gorgeous Tiffany Blue colour that I really adore.

So here is how I did it:

Get box!

Put box on newspaper to stop any yucky messiness.

Start painting!

One layer of paint.

Two layers of paint.

Done! Ta-da!

I love this box. It has pride of place on my dressing table. When I finished it I momentarily thought “hey this would be a great Christmas present for someone” but I liked it too much to give it away! All for £1.45!

I can’t wait to find more things to ‘upcycle’! Maybe a stool or a little bookshelf or something…

Have you done any upcycling recently?

P.S. Boots Treat Street Blog featured me in their outfit picks of the week! You can check it out here!

This day dream is dangerous, this hope is treacherous

Top – Vintage from Charity Shop, Skirt – Forever 21 (old), Tights – Primark, Shoes – Birdy’s Boutique

So this is my £4 outfit! The top belongs to a vintage suit that I got from a charity shop recently (you can see the skirt here) and was just £2 (whoop mega bargain). The skirt is from Forever 21 and was originally about £15 but it had a small tear by one of the buttons and so was eventually reduced down to £2! Now I am no whizz with a needle or thread or anything but I managed to fix it very easily and it is not noticeable – which makes this one of my proudest super scrimper purchases.

I had to take the photos inside today – it was so dark and grim outside they were coming out terribly! Where has the sun gone?!

What is your proudest super scrimper purchase?

Stay stay stay I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time

Dress – Matalan, Shirt and Bracelet – eBay, Shoes – Birdy’s Boutique, Bag – Charity Shop, Hat – Charity Shop

I am loving this dress from Matalan at the moment. In fact I am loving Matalan full stop! It has some really lovely (not to mention affordable!) things in right now.

I got this shirt off eBay (it is Topshop whoop) and when it arrived the lovely lady who sent it to me also included three bracelets! Super cute ones! It totally made my day – the little things really do don’t they?

I got these shoes from Birdy’s Boutique (which I love love love). They sell the cutest things at very affordable prices. These gorgeous suede shoes were just £16.99.

So I picked this bag up today for £1.99 at my local charity shop and also managed to volunteer myself to work there on Friday afternoons. This is very dangerous as I will get first look at all new clothes and I am not sure I can restrain myself from buying half of it.

I also picked up this hat from another charity shop for just £2 today which is why I have my “I found a bargain face” on.