Blog Crushes

So I was thinking that about once a month I would share my blog crushes with you lovely lot. Good idea? I hope so!

I have been trying to think of ways to organise them into categories and I was hit by the thought that a lot of people think of their blog as their little baby don’t they? (I think some people do anyway…) So how about baby stages!?

  • Just Born (for the blog with under 10 followers)
  • Sitting up (for the blog with under 20 followers)
  • Crawling (for the blog with under 200 followers)
  • Walking (for the blog with under 1000 followers)
  • Running (for the blog with under 2000 followers)

It is the best I can come up with for now!!

So without further ado my current blog crushes!

Just Born

The Sparkly Panda

The gorgeous Rhiannon over at The Sparkly Panda is a super lovely person with a blog to match! My favourite posts of hers are her Esty Finds (always fabulous) and her Monday Morning Cheering Up posts (think cuteness and giggles aka puppies and memes). You also get to see photos of her gorgeous little girls.

Sitting Up

A Letter From Elise

Elise from A Letter From Elise is a girl after my own heart. Her blog is all about “triumphs and tribulations of a student budget vs. a love of clothes and cocktails”. She has a great writing style, is so thoughtful and lovely, and is so gosh darn pretty you could stare at her all day (in a somehow non-creepy way…).


Tie Dye Eyes

The beautiful Allie at Tie Dye Eyes has a style that I really just can’t get enough of. She has one of those blogs that you read one post and want to keep going and read more and more and more until you realise you are looking at posts from last summer!  She has the sweetest smile too.


Lady Liquor Vintage

Catherine at Lady Liquor Vintage has the best thrifty finds around in my opinion. I feel immense pleasure and jealously at the same time looking at all the beautiful things she finds! Her style is wonderful and she is absolutely gorgeous. She even does YouTube videos if you can’t get enough 😉


CocoBella Ballerina

Lisa at CocoBella Ballerina has some truly lust worthy things on her beautiful blog (think gorgeous Channel)! So apart from the outfit envy I get whenever I visit, she also has wonderful taste, a beautiful smile and happens to be super lovely to boot! Good stuff all round then really.

I hope you like my blog crushes as much as I do! Go check them out and let me know what you think. Also if any of you lovely bloggers think you want to be on this list next time – let me know!