Oops I did it again.

I caught the lurgy. A particularly horrible kind which is the reason behind my lack of posts. I have been too sick to even satisfy my Internet addiction (shock horror) and I also haven’t been getting dressed or going out so there hasn’t been anything to post about! However just before I got sick I went shopping (again, whoops).

Earrings £3 from Sainsbury’s.

Skirt £4 from Charity Shop

Shoes £3.50 from Charity Shop

Dress £5 from Charity Shop.

My favourite item is probably the dress. It is vintage and the print is gorgeous, sadly however it looks terrible on me so I will be making quite a few alterations. I do also love my news shoes – what a price! They have been lovingly welcomed to my shoe family and I am sure will be in an outfit post very soon.

I am hoping I will be fully recovered by tomorrow so it will be back to posting as usual.

How are you all doing?


42 thoughts on “Oops I did it again.

  1. Hi sweety, sorry to hear you’re under the weather, hep you feel well soon. Ohhh I am gushing over that lovely vintage dress, what a brilliant find, I am sure it does look stunning on you even without any alterations.

  2. Ooh nasty! I had food poisoning last weekend and that was pretty grim, but yours sounds worse. Love the dress. Will be interested to see what it looks like once you’ve restyled it! x

  3. Aw, I’ve been pretty ill recently too – hate this time of year! Really hope you are feeling a bit better soon!
    The dress is beautiful, I’m sure you will be able to sort it out with a few alterations, especially after seeing what an awesome job you did on the trousers in the post below!

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