DIY Sunday – Shorts

In my post on Thursday (that you can read here) I mentioned I picked up a few charity shop goodies, including a pair of trousers that I wanted to make into shorts. So today I did just that! Here is what I did and how they turned out…

So first step was to get the trousers and a sharp pair of scissors.

I then just had to be brave, take a deep breath and CUT!

I was just going to turn up the bottoms and leave them but that seemed a bit too boring! I had a hunt around and found some left over lace from a recent project and thought it would look pretty on the bottom. If I had a sewing machine this would have taken two minutes but I had to sew it on by hand. Thankfully I find it quite therapeutic and I did it while watching Homeland (if you don’t watch it you should).

I then added some studs (that I had left over from the DIY studded collar that you can see here) round the pockets for a final touch.

I am pretty pleased with these! Look out for them in an outfit of the day soon!

How has your weekend been?


56 thoughts on “DIY Sunday – Shorts

  1. Oh my goodness, you are so creative! I love the way this turned out, and the lace detailing really completed the shorts. It looks lovely, you’re so talented!

    I see from your blog that you like thrift store shopping! I’m new to it and I’ll be visiting one of the more prominent thrift stores in my region tomorrow – I’m so excited!

    Anyway, do you have a Twitter? I’d love to follow you to keep up with updates on your blog! As you use WordPress, I can’t follow you using Google Friend Connect.

    Anyway, have a great week ahead! (: x

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

    • You are so incredibly sweet! Thank you for such a lovely comment! Thrift shopping is the BEST! It is like treasure hunting 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you get! I don’t have Twitter (yet!) but I’m on bloglovin’ and google reader or you can sign up to get emails! I hope you are having a fantastic week ❤

  2. Cute shorts, I like the lace detail! 🙂
    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you liked the video. They’re one of my favorite bands, so it’s nice to hear someone else likes it too! 🙂


  3. Wow, you’ve totally transformed the pants into such short and playful shorts 🙂 The lace and the studs are such lovely details. I was just watching episode 8 of the second season of Homeland – such a tense show!

  4. wauw!! i love this. great blog!Would love to follow each other
    just follow and leave a comment
    I always follow back!


  5. Thanks for your great comment…In an ideal world, I’d pick someone like Jessica Alba or Lily Collins (although they are far too pretty)..any thoughts yet on your casting?

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! My thrift-store shopping experience was great, I managed to find a really amazing black blazer for just $6. It’s the perfect fit and I’m so impressed – will definitely be returning, because I saw many other items that caught my eye.

  7. I’ve been wanting to add something gorgeous like lace to my cutoffs for a while now. With your beautiful turnout, you’ve definitely inspired me to get a move on! This weekend I’m definitely sitting down for a little DIY 🙂

    tiana of l’esthetique

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