Bye Bye Birdie

Today was my first day helping out at one of my local charity shops – whoop! It was a really good afternoon despite the torrential rain. I mastered the use of the till and so got to serve some lovely customers, I did a ton of washing up, I also did a few displays and got to talk to the loveliest locals. There is a sweet man who comes in at the same time every day to just sit, have a biscuit and chat to the workers/volunteers. Today he asked me if I liked birds and I just stared blankly at him… It look me far too long to realise he meant my top!

This is the first time I have included my new coat in an outfit of the day post. It is from Matalan and it was only £20 and I love it. It has a lovely silky lining and just feels great on.

Top – Primark, Jeans – American Eagle, Coat – Matalan, Hat – Hand me down, Shoes – Primark

I did a bit of shopping…

I knew this was going to happen and it did! I couldn’t be surrounded by lovely charity shop bargains and not buy something!

I got a gorgeous little blue and yellow flower vase that is now brightening up my windowsill. I also got a gorgeous floral top and some deep purple corduroy trousers. The trousers aren’t very flattering (I don’t think trousers are flattering on me at the best of times anyway as I have such short legs)  and so I am going to make them into shorts. Keep an eye out for a new DIY!

How is your week going?


61 thoughts on “Bye Bye Birdie

  1. I adore that blouse, I love that you have a vest underneath, I do that with sheer tops too 🙂

    That vase is such a find, I love quirky bits for the home!

    Amy x

  2. I love that shirt! I’d never have guessed it was Primark, they seem to be doing such great printed things at the moment! Love the colour of those trousers too, I find trousers really unflattering too, but I bet they’ll make a great pair of shorts! 🙂

  3. omgosh you look so pretty here! your makeup is just gorgeous! and i’m dying over your birdie blouse so adorable.. but i cannot get over your dusty rose floral blouse that is SOOOO FREAKING CUTE!! omg i want it hahahah!

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