DIY Sunday – Upcycling!

So I know it’s actually Monday but I couldn’t do the DIY project I had planned for yesterday due to a lack of the right kind of scissors (random but will make sense when I finally do the post!) but today’s is worth waiting for in my humble opinion!

So I had a touch of the ‘Monday blues’ today and so I thought I would do a bit of shopping (whoever said money can’t buy happiness!?)!  I stopped by my local charity shop and saw this lovely wooden box. I have to warn you I have a bit of a thing for trinket boxes and the like (I will probably do a post about them one day…I have an unnecessary amount that I mostly picked up at charity shops!).

Anyway the box was gorgeous and only £1.45. However the top had been bleached by the sun and had a few marks that didn’t want to come out. So I thought I would paint it! I had a nosey round our shed and I found some left over paint from when my dad and brothers painted our Wendy House.  This gorgeous Tiffany Blue colour that I really adore.

So here is how I did it:

Get box!

Put box on newspaper to stop any yucky messiness.

Start painting!

One layer of paint.

Two layers of paint.

Done! Ta-da!

I love this box. It has pride of place on my dressing table. When I finished it I momentarily thought “hey this would be a great Christmas present for someone” but I liked it too much to give it away! All for £1.45!

I can’t wait to find more things to ‘upcycle’! Maybe a stool or a little bookshelf or something…

Have you done any upcycling recently?

P.S. Boots Treat Street Blog featured me in their outfit picks of the week! You can check it out here!


40 thoughts on “DIY Sunday – Upcycling!

  1. I cannot wait to get my own place so I can do this sort of thing! The box looks lovely!

    And congrats on being featured on Boots Treat Street!

    Amy x

  2. Lovely box, I do like a bit of carved wood. I have a rather unnecessary amount of boxes myself, so I get it! I too like doing things up, especially if the results are good, which this one is! 🙂

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