This day dream is dangerous, this hope is treacherous

Top – Vintage from Charity Shop, Skirt – Forever 21 (old), Tights – Primark, Shoes – Birdy’s Boutique

So this is my £4 outfit! The top belongs to a vintage suit that I got from a charity shop recently (you can see the skirt here) and was just £2 (whoop mega bargain). The skirt is from Forever 21 and was originally about £15 but it had a small tear by one of the buttons and so was eventually reduced down to £2! Now I am no whizz with a needle or thread or anything but I managed to fix it very easily and it is not noticeable – which makes this one of my proudest super scrimper purchases.

I had to take the photos inside today – it was so dark and grim outside they were coming out terribly! Where has the sun gone?!

What is your proudest super scrimper purchase?


52 thoughts on “This day dream is dangerous, this hope is treacherous

  1. Omg i love your top! Totally unbelievable when i read the price £4! you always find amazing stuff in the Charity shop! such good buy! i like your picture with the antique clock too!

  2. wow an outfit for that price?! you look great! I love the floral top with the cordoroy skirt ❤ perfect for fall!


  3. I think I have the same skirt only in a different color! You’re so lucky to have found it so cheap! 🙂 I’m also loving the print of the top, and the hue of the tights is lovely! Great blog, new follower on Bloglovin!

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