Stay stay stay I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time

Dress – Matalan, Shirt and Bracelet – eBay, Shoes – Birdy’s Boutique, Bag – Charity Shop, Hat – Charity Shop

I am loving this dress from Matalan at the moment. In fact I am loving Matalan full stop! It has some really lovely (not to mention affordable!) things in right now.

I got this shirt off eBay (it is Topshop whoop) and when it arrived the lovely lady who sent it to me also included three bracelets! Super cute ones! It totally made my day – the little things really do don’t they?

I got these shoes from Birdy’s Boutique (which I love love love). They sell the cutest things at very affordable prices. These gorgeous suede shoes were just £16.99.

So I picked this bag up today for £1.99 at my local charity shop and also managed to volunteer myself to work there on Friday afternoons. This is very dangerous as I will get first look at all new clothes and I am not sure I can restrain myself from buying half of it.

I also picked up this hat from another charity shop for just £2 today which is why I have my “I found a bargain face” on.


34 thoughts on “Stay stay stay I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time

    • Aw I’m sorry you are sad not to be in England 😦 However the weather is awful and you found a Monki store – much more exciting than Matalan!! The ‘I found a bargain’ moments are the best, they can leave me on a high for the whole day!

  1. Your find the BEST stuff in charity shops, I adore that hat.

    By any chance are you in Lincoln? I used to live there (up until August) and I LOVED Birdy’s Boutique!

    Amy x

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