DIY Sunday – Studded Collar

I love Sundays.

I love lazy Sunday mornings in bed, I love Sunday lunches and I love cosy Sunday afternoons (preferably sitting in front of an open fire with a fluffy blanket and hot chocolate) working on my latest project.

So this Sunday I had a go at a studded collar and it is unbelievably easy to do – keep reading to see just how easy it is!


First of all you need to get some studs! They really are everywhere at the moment. If you can’t find your way to a haberdashery then I suggest eBay. I got mine for £3.99 from happy_season on eBay.

Second of all you need a shirt with a collar! I think studs look really good on peter pan collars but I just picked something off my floordrobe which is this shirt I got for a few pounds a couple of years ago from Oxfam’s Online Shop.


Next you just need to go for it and stick in a stud!


You push it through the collar and the little teeth will stick out like this on the underside.


Just use your fingers (be careful they can be a little sharp) to bend them down and secure the stud in place.


Repeat again, and again, and again, and again…

That’s it! You are all done and have a lovely (not to mention inexpensive) studded collared shirt to add to your wardrobe.

Enjoy! ❤


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