My name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to eBay.





Dress – eBay, Cardigan – Forever 21, Tights – Primark,  Shoes – Matalan 

Admitting you have a problem is meant to be the first step. I have a real problem with eBay. It is probably verging on the ‘in need of an intervention’ side of addictions.

I won’t can’t stop though.

I just really do love searching for those hidden gems. It is almost as good as charity shop or car boot sale shopping. In some ways even better because I can do it at 2 am in bed in my pyjamas. I just love to bid as well. I love the adrenaline rush you get in that very last minute, the desperate praying to the eBay God’s that you don’t get outbid and then the intense satisfaction (occasionally mixed with guilt – whoops) when you win. Oh and not to mention the item arriving in the post. Post makes me too happy, parcels actually make my heart swell. I should probably mention this to a doctor or something, it can’t be normal.

Anyway whether it is someone’s preloved top they are selling for some extra cash or an actual eBay shop selling brand spanking new dresses it almost doesn’t matter now. It is on ebay therefore it is fair game for me.

So this is one of my latest additions! It is from an eBay shop called love2wear and it was £5.99. Yes £5.99. I think the print is just so cutesy and sweet but because it has houses and buildings (and grown-up people have such things) I feel grown up in it (I know I am so not normal).

Also I am flat hunting and I want to wear this dress to all my viewings. I like to think I will do cute things like this but in reality I will over sleep, pick something off my floordrobe or even worse just shove a coat over my pyjamas and run out of the door. Yes I do that sometimes. In my defence pyjamas are ridiculously comfy and I like to sleep. A lot.


2 thoughts on “My name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to eBay.

  1. I love that dress on you, you look gorgeous. And I really like how you’ve colour co-ordinated your tights to match the print on the dress 🙂 Thanks for following by the way, I’m glad you left your link your blog is lovely xx

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